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Electronic works

"I'altra beltà"

My ongoing project :
Between fingertip & key

"A reflection caused an action". 

I am working on a solo recording project where combination of recorded speech/electronics is improvised upon playing a prepared piano.

The prepared piano is recorded first take only. Phrases revealing bad technics or microphone stands accidentally hit to the studio floor is all recorded. 

Microphones is pointed as near as possible towards the piano keyboard it selves. This cause the sound of my fingertips hitting the keyboard to take important place in the musical picture. 

Released from its causal consequence the actual action becomes an attraction on its own.  

"I'altra beltà". 


Example1, Example 2

Panta rei 2009

Heraclitus' philosophy can be captured in just two words: "panta rei", literally everything flows, meaning that everything is constantly changing, from the smallest grain of sand to the stars in the sky. Thus, every object ultimately is a figment of one's imagination. Only change itself is real, constant and eternal flux, like the continuous flow of the river which always renews itself.

In this piece I have used contrasts and transformations as leading technics

Haunting Melodies 1998

My last film score was made 1996. Working with the soundtracks for the movie Lady Lazarus marked an end  for my music production for movies.

Haunting Melodies is a collection of works spending of a period of 3 years. It contend both pieces for movies and ordinary compositions. Some of the tunes has studio musicians like Torbjørn Holte, Jan Fredrik Hosman and Tov Ramstad

This music represent maybe the most accessible music I have ever made.

Recorded and mixed in Frydenlund Studio, Oslo

Music & keyboards  : Jo Wang

Lyrics: Jan Fredrik Hossman

Guitars & Bass : Torbjørn Holte

Fractals 1990-95

Collection of soundtracs made to different short movies, TV-series etc during 1990 through 1995

All works is composed, arranged and recorded in Frydenlund Studio in Oslo Norway, Material is keyboard based .

Symposion 1990


Musikk : Jo Wang

Innspilt og mikset i Frydenlund Studio 88/89


Mellotron, Yamaha DX7,Roland D50, Emax ii sampler, Mirage Sampler, Piano, Orgel, Gitar,

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