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Whithe Willow Ex Tenebris - Producer 1998

Ex Tenebris

Second album as producer with a slightly different line up but basicly the same prog sound. Maybee less folk

Whithe Willow - Ignis Fatuus - Producer 1995

Ignis Fatus

Looking for a producer who could provide a sound like PFM in the early 70s and a studio with Mellotron facileties, White Willow came along with a record contract with Lazers Edge. A very prog project wich was very fun being a part of.

Mp3 : Snowfall

IKEA, Tao & TV, Producer 1994


IKEA, Tao & TV was a very nice experience. Most Material written by the lead voclist. His tender and warm voice blende in to the guitar based prog. like music. 

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